Tagpro is closing down

This announcement on 7 May 2019:

Dear Clients and Colleagues

As you all know by now, since our retirement from Mechlift, we have wanted to fully retire from Tagpro as well.

We did offer Tagpro (Pty)Ltd as a going concern to our biggest customers but this was not acceptable for a variety of reasons. Having now delivered our remaining stock, we have decided to wind down and cease trading. Tagpro will be de-registered, probably before year end.

Tagpro’s patent is in the process of being transferred to a newly formed subsidiary of Mpact, that will carry on supplying RFID tags to the industry as before. We wish this company every success and trust that you will receive the same service from them as you did from ourselves. Should there be any questions regarding RFiD Tags please contact Lance Kallis on C. 0636815023.

Thank you for your support over the last 8 years

All the best

Gerald and Jenny Dorrington